10 Steps to Guiding Your Student toward Success

1.    One Size Does Not Fit All:

Every path through college will be different and unique. Define what success looks like for you and your student.

2.    Be Aware of Your Student’s Needs and Challenges:

Talk about what challenges you and your student might face during this transition and how you might address them when they come up.

3.    Understand Your Student’s Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities:

Learn about IUPUI’s specific Student Code of Conduct at conduct.iupui.edu  to ensure your student knows their expectations as a Jaguar.

4.    Practice Effective Communication:

Talk early about what communication will look like once your student starts college. Is the expectation to talk to each other once a week or once a day? How will you notify each other when you need to get in touch with each other quickly?

5.    Help Your Student Practice Self Care:

You know your student better than anyone. If they do not seem like themselves, you might be the first to know and can help to make sure your student is taking care of themselves. On campus resources surrounding student health and wellness can be found at studenthealth.iupui.edu and wellness.iupui.edu.

6.    Encourage Your Student to be Involved:

There are many ways to be involved at IUPUI and students who are involved on campus are more likely to be successful. There are over 400 student organizations along with diverse programs, events, and leadership opportunities. Learn more at involvement.iupui.edu.

7.    Encourage Your Student to Ask for Help:

IUPUI is full of resources for your student, but your student must notify someone when they need help. Continue to encourage your student to always ask questions when they do not know the answer or solution to a problem.

8.    Help Them Remember They Can Do This:

College can be tough, and oftentimes family members and supporters are a strong motivational force to get students through their challenging times. Remember to tell them that you believe in them.

9.    Encourage Your Student to Step Outside Their Comfort Zone:

Whether this is reaching out to another student to make a new friend, trying a course that is outside of their major, or going to an event to learn about a different culture, IUPUI is full of opportunities to help students grow and learn new concepts.

10. Know You’re Not Alone:

The transition of your student starting at IUPUI is exciting, but it is not without its challenges. However, you are not alone. Join our IUPUI Jaguar Family Association Facebook page and IUPUI Jaguar Families Facebook group, call IUPUI Parent and Family Programs at (317) 274-3699 or email at jagfam@iupui.edu. We are here to help!